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these lamebutts

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about me a little

Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
18 years old

My name's Peyton and I'm actually really obsessed with big cats, the color orange, pretty indie video games, and movie soundtracks. Feel free to call me Peyton, Stan, Stone, or whatever other nicknames you may have for me!

Photoshop Stamp by mushirPaint Tool SAI by Fleana



Owl-Flight and I have the same brain.



What do I strike you as? (Stolen from red-redrum) 

10 deviants said Earthbender
7 deviants said Firebender
6 deviants said Waterbender
4 deviants said Airbender





i'm logging off of Skype and dA for the next few days to prepare for my last final!! also if you communicate with me through snapchat, i'm sorry, my account got blocked for using a window's phone snapchat app ;n; 
TRD - i'm gunna raise the stakes by Staniqs
TRD - i'm gunna raise the stakes
It had been a few weeks since Lenore's disappearance.


Ben put his head in his paws for the thousandth time that night, pressing his lips together, trying not to think about it. Her sharp, bright eyes that once burned with a craze to kill him, now were dull and gone. Her paws that once treaded this very marble floor were cold and stiff. Her angry tail that thumped maddenly when she mocked him for tapping his tail when he was nervous was now--

"Ben, stop it," he said out loud, not really caring at this point who heard him. It was just Ulixes, Oceanus, Jax, and Ace who were with him in the room at this point. They had gotten together and agreed to have some wine in Lenore's honor, since it had been a while since she died and they hadn't really done anything to honor her. And all of them had already had a little bit too much to drink. Except Ace, who had gone far above and beyond what everyone else had drank. He was currently still lapping up from the bowl that sat in front of him. He hadn't been talking much; just drinking.

"Remember when she kept yelling birdbrain during one of your morning roll calls?" Jax said quietly, with a small, sad smile on her muzzle. He wasn't sure about anyone else, but he was really loving her right now. But that was probably the wine escalating his emotions. "You were so pissed later."

"No one interrupts my damn roll call announcements," the leader argued, but was laughing and laid his head down on his paws. "She was such a damn pain."

"I'm gonna miss her a lot though," Ulixes said. "A lot. Like it kind of hurts."

"It hurts a lot," Jax agreed.

"My chest hurts," Ben mumbled. He was mildly drunk, so spilling out his feelings seemed like a good idea at the moment. "It almost feels like she's sitting on me again."

"All of these emotions," Ace suddenly added, his words far more slurred and harsh than when he had last spoken. He finally lifted his head from his wine bowl for the first time in what seemed like forever. "Too much. Lenore would like to slap some sense into y'all if she saw you acting like this."

Oceanus frowned. "Let us grieve," she scolded. Ben was a little annoyed, actually, too. But he couldn't lash out; Ace was clearly more drunk than the rest of them.

"Let us grieve," Ace mocked, and Ben lifted his head and scowled. "Let us grieve." The puma-ocelot rose to his paws and made a few wobbly strides to the middle of their circle. "Let us grieve, they say." He glanced up at the marble ceiling. "Do you like the sound of that, Lenore?" he asked angrily. Everyone else was sitting up, watching Ace with a careful and sad confusion. "Do you like how that sounds? Let us grieve." He looked back down, but his eyes locked on the door, past Ben. He was crying. "Let's go find her. Right now. Ask her what she thinks of our grieving."

He started to march forward, but Ben stepped in front of him. "Ace, stop this--"

"Benny. Get out of my way."

"You're beyond drunk. You need to go to sleep."

"You're drunk too, birdbrain!" Ace snapped, his claws scraping the marble floor. Fury burned in his gray eyes. But he smiled for a minute. "Hey, does it still sound the same coming from me? Can I start using that now that she's not around to insult you anymore?"

"Ace, go lay down," Ben snarled. He was angry, too. His heightened emotions were getting the best of him.

"I need to find her."

"Ace she's gone! She was our friend too! You need to--"

"Don't tell me what I need to do, Ben!" Ace yelled. The tears dripped off his muzzle. "What am I supposed to do? Forget her? Move on? Pretend like she was never here? I wish you would have never put me in charge of babysitting her! You just wanted to drop your heavy load off on someone else's shoulders because you couldn't handle it! Now let me go!"

Ace rushed forward, but he was tipsy, and Ben shoved him back to the ground.

"Guys, stop!" Oceanus snapped, but it was too late to stop two intoxicated Bounty Hunters from fighting.

"Oh, now you're against me too?!" Ace demanded, shakily getting back to his feet, his eyes burning holes into Ben's fur. "You never even liked her, you moron! You hated her! In fact you probably killed her didn't you?"

"Don't you goddamn dare!" Ben yelled, and the last thing he remembered was leaping forward in an act to rip Ace's throat out when something smashed into his side and he blacked out.


The Hunter leader opened his eyes to a dim room and a throbbing headache. His muscled ached and he was exhausted. He let out a low groan and heard someone shuffle next to him.

"Remind me to never let you drink again. Ever."

"Jax?" Ben said groggily, rolling over. The jaguar was looking at him with a small smile on her face, but she was sad. "Oh, Gods, is Ace okay--?"

"He's fine. Good thing that Oceanus slammed into you and Ulixes held Ace down until he and I could drag him off to find a place to sleep. You probably would have both ended up dead, the way that fight was going," she muttered quietly.

"I'm sorry," Ben whispered. "Does he know I'm sorry? I need to apologize." But when he rose to his feet, his head swayed and he just laid back down again. "Ugh, woah. I think I'm still kind of drunk."

"You are, actually. I am, a little, too." She curled up next to him, putting her chin on the back of his neck. He put his head on her paws and closed his eyes.

"Let's not drink again," Ben mumbled.


"I miss her a lot," he added, and his voice cracked. He realized he was crying.

It took her a minute to respond, and when she finally did speak, she was crying, too. "So do I."


But I can just imagine these five getting together to have a nice hangout soon after she "died" and it turned to absolute hell because Ace got too drunk and Ben got too aggressive. Ace for some reason thought he could go and look for Lenore and somehow pieced it together in his head that Ben killed her, and obvs ben is a tad defensive.

Calculating deni later. I'm tired. Goodnight.

Lenore (c) rattarie
Ace (c) tie-falcon
Oceanus (c) Akyia
Jax (c) Asante-Sana
Ulixes (c) SaintPumpkinMuffin

I have a playlist on youtube of all the EBC videos ever made
it's a long list 

if i've forgotten a video please link me in the comments!…
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EBC - even if things end up a bit too heavy by Staniqs
EBC - even if things end up a bit too heavy
Icarus gave the Tribune gate a mischievous glance. "And that's the plan, a'ight?" 

Augstine looked from Icarus, to Valens, and back to Icarus again. "You're crazy," he told the jagulynx Tribune. 

"I'm my father's son," Icarus replied. "Cut a kid some slack." 

"We are so going to die," Valens offered meekly. 

"What? You wanna be cooped up in here for the rest of our Tribune lives? Not me." Icarus rose to his paws, and gave the other two Tribunes a grin. "Let's bust outta this place," he said ominously, whipping around and walking towards the gate and the two Bounty Hunter guards. 

Augustine and Valens hesitated, watching him walk away for a moment before Augustine said, "Yep, we're going to die."


Icarus pls stop being such a little shit. Just because you managed to get all five of your siblings grounded doesn't mean you can start dragging the other Tribunes into your pranking shenanigans. 

Also Augustine was originally going to be Corvinus, but I decided I didn't wanna draw both of my Tribunes so I switched to Augustine, which is why he looks kind of like he's built to be Corvin. 

Draw your cub meeting someone new!! and pranking someone new 

I'll submit this to EBC next week since I already submitted one cub assignment for Icarus today |D 

EP: 10+8 = 18 EP to Icarus


Augustine (c) :icondappledsun: 
Valens (c) :icongruvu: 

donations yo

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you'll be my favorite person for a whole year so go ahead and donate man

Owl was here


I get my own box cuz I coded all this perdy stuff ;P

Owl, you silly person. It's hard not to love you. Please, please,pleasepleaseplease teach me to stop talking lame gangster slang to you. Please. Thanks ;)




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