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these lamebutts

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about me a little

Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
18 years old

My name's Peyton and I'm actually really obsessed with big cats, the color orange, pretty indie video games, and movie soundtracks. Feel free to call me Peyton, Stan, Stone, or whatever other nicknames you may have for me!

Photoshop Stamp by mushirPaint Tool SAI by Fleana



Owl-Flight and I have the same brain.



Am I unapproachable or intmidating? 

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Thanks for the birthday wishes!! :) As well as the art, and points, and llamas, and you basically all rock. You the best.

ALSO at some point, but I didn't notice/wasn't really paying attention, I got over 400 watchers!! Thank you for that!! 6 years here (probably only about 5 active years though) and I love the little community I've gotten myself into. You're the coolest. Some of you even dealt with me back in my nasty 14-year-old years, and I'm sorry for you. How did you do it. I don't know.

BUT yep I turned 19 and still feelin' like I'm 16.  I'm sorry I'm less and less active as time goes on here. College is time-consuming and my schedule this semester is pretty rough :| Calc II, Genetics, Computer Science, and Toy Product Design. Toy Product Design is a wild class, let me tell you. It's difficult and I was told after I got into the course that it's typically for juniors and seniors and graduate students, but w/e. It's kind of intimidating sometimes but ukno. If you wanna know more about it just ask me, I guess! It's super fun, super hard, a ton of work, but super rewarding. It's even making me want to get a minor in product design, which I probably will, since this is the hardest product design class and the rest will be super easy. Computer science is the same, too; hard but rewarding and fun. Calc is just hell, but you do what you have to do to get to the better classes!

Anyways this was GOING to just be a journal thanking you for my birthday but it turned into a "catch up on Stan's life" thing SO HERE YOU GO. THANKS AGAIN
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Am I unapproachable or intmidating?
14 deviants said ye ah (comment tell me why? ///?)
10 deviants said you're a nerd
3 deviants said not sure
2 deviants said i don't think so
2 deviants said no
EBC - Aemilia, the Combatant by Staniqs
EBC - Aemilia, the Combatant



NAME Aemilia (meaning "rival"), likes to be called Aemie


AGE 3 Years

RANK Fire Empire Gladiator

Barbary Lion - Melanistic Tiger

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION Big and bulky; Heavily muscled. Stands about 5'10'' tall from head to toe, and a little less than 11' long. (Please note, she has not yet reached her full size, and will not until about the age of 5.)



[Quiet and Nervous]
Aemilia is very nervous about everything. She overthinks things and doesn't like to be the center of attention. She might be fun and comfortable around a close friend, but otherwise she doesn't say much.

[Thoughtful and Sympathetic]
Despite being quite cold, Aemie really likes making other cats feel better. She enjoys cubs because they are easy to please. If she notices someone looks upset, she will go and try to make them feel better, even if that means just silently sitting down next to them and offering a grunt.

[Soft-spoken and Introverted]
It is really hard to get Aemilia to open up to you. She is reserved and will rarely hold conversations with others. Make her laugh, and you get 10 points.

[Short-fused and Tempermental]
"Don't you dare talk about my father like that."
Don't make her upset. Just don't do it.

[Dark and Willing]
"It's not that hard. Just do it."
Aemilia has no problem with killing. After her years training in the Coliseum, and probably from her father, she has been desensitized to death and gore, and even sees cats who are unwilling to kill as weak-hearted, but would never say that out loud.

[Judgmental and Skeptical]
"You think what?"
Aemie is very judgmental of other cats' views, but won't admit it or say it to their faces. If she disagrees with you, you probably won't even know it. But if she does agree with you, you will receive subtle signs of support, such as small smiles, nods, and a tendency to stick by your side.

"won't lay down our heads"
There was a female melanistic tiger named Anahita who was put into the arena to fight one night. She was pregnant, the father was a huge barbary lion named Troy. Troy and Anahita had had some complicated history before, but there was no doubt how much they loved each other. Troy watched as Anahita was struck to the ground, bleeding and dying in the hard dirt, his cub dying along with her. He let out long sorrowful yowls and cries, but he could do nothing. Ana's other son watched as his mother was crowded by humans, the opponent dragged away. Anahita's owner, terrified of losing the cub, ordered someone to cut the body open and take the cub before it died. So someone did. They took a knife and ripped her swollen stomach open, yanking a small, dark-furred liger cub out in a bloody mess. Troy and Ana's son were blocked by the sight, and Troy never saw his first daughter born.

Because of Ana's owner's dangerous actions, the cub was taken from him and given to Anahita's prior owner. Here the cub was nursed by a tigress who had just had a litter of two and had plenty of room to raise another cub. The tiger's name was Iovita, Anahita's half-sister, and she became Ana's cub's mother. Iovita remembered Anahita telling her of her wish for a daughter, and the exact name she wanted for her future cub. So despite their owner naming the cub Hira, Iovita gave the cub the name Aemilia.

"'till the day is won"
Iovita had long since known of the Empires of the wild. She heard rumors that Ana's other son, Chovoli, had escaped and fled for them. Iovita realized after Anahita's death that the arena life would never be the kind of life she would want for Aemilia, or her other two cubs. So she planned an escape.

The night before Iovita's plot was to take place, she told Aemilia of her mother and father. Her mother, the beautiful black tiger of the Coliseum with the name that sang in one's ear. Her father, the powerful Bounty Hunter with the striking eyes. Troy and Anahita. Aemilia was old enough at this point, almost 7 months, to memorize these names. So the next night, they broke out.

As the servants were going into Iovita's cage to give the cubs their baths, Iovita went after them and busted out of the door, yelling for her cubs to follow her. They did, but it wasn't long before the smaller and younger two cubs were caught and thrown back into cages. Iovita, distraught and enraged, turned back to help her cubs. Aemilia kept running for a while before she realized she was alone. She turned around just in time to see Iovita killed by a sword.

Terrified and unsure what to do, Aemilia kept running through the streets. She hid in an alleyway for a while, waiting for the humans to disappear. They went off, searching in different streets, and just before dawn, Aemilia crawled out of her hiding spot and ran through the streets away from the rising sun. She found the exit by some miraculous luck, and she kept running, even though her legs were burning and her paws bled. She found a river and jumped into it immediately to cool herself off. But she found herself to start to swim, and she kept going, up the river, away from the city and the bad memories and the legacy of her parents. Away from the dead Iovita and her captured adopted siblings. Away from everything.

And into the unknown.

"we won't stop running 'till we reach the sun"
Aemilia stumbled into Fire Empire and was found by a patrol. She stared in amazement. The stories that Iovita had told her of the wild cats who lived free outside of the city had proven themselves to be true! She was going to live happy out here!

But she still wanted her family back, both her real and adopted one. She wanted to know about her brother...if she had any more siblings...where they were...if her father was still alive...and why all the Empire cats seemed to hate the Bounty Hunters so much. They couldn't be that bad if it was where her great father was from, right? She hoped she was right. She hoped her father wasn't a murderous lunatic like so many of these Hunters seemed to be.

Aemilia hoped for a lot of things, but just seeing her family was the biggest one.
"chasing all the things that are keeping us young"
Aemilia made herself a new life in Fire Empire. She got a mentor, a big lion named Brutus, and made a few friends. She was timid and uncomfortable most of the time, but she liked it a lot. She missed her adopted brothers and Iovita, and longed to meet her parents. After a few months, though, something happened. Another Empire, Lightning, had been viciously attacked by the Bounty Hunters. They heard the stories, and Aemilia heard something dreadful.

A lion, named Troy, had been there. He was crazed, a killer, maddened by the harsh Bounty Hunter life. Right away, Aemilia kept it to herself. But eventually, she confided in her mentor, Brutus, about the situation. And he admitted something to her; Troy was Brutus's brother. Brutus was her uncle. Her real family. For some reason, this made Aemilia even more upset, and one night, she slipped out of Fire's territory to find her father and prove that the brave lion that Iovita had told her about was not evil.

She didn't find her father. But she found Bounty Hunters, and a life of chains and death.

"we won't stop running"
The next few years were hell. Aemilia, because of her size and potential, was not kept with the other captured Empire cats. She was sold and trained with at least 20 other cats. When she was a year and a half, her training was complete, and she was sold again. She was a killer. Turns out, Aemilia had a knack for fighting she didn't know about. Aemilia's new owner was brutal, with little regard to his cats' well-being. Aemilia was determined not to die. She was determined to get out of the city, and she would do anything to do it, even if the cost was her sanity. She didn't think about the killing; she just did it. She didn't regard other cats, made no friends, stayed hostile and seemingly crazed. Her owner adored her as a fighter. She was making him rich. He fitted her with some vicious-looking armor, and she kind of liked it. She liked feeling powerful. It meant that she could one day make it back to Fire Empire. For the near two years she was there, Aemilia never cried. She couldn't show weakness if she were to survive.

She broke out the second time just like any other cat had. Waited for the perfect moment, kept running until she was outside of the walls, didn't look back. Killed a few human guards in the process. Necessary loss.

She made it back to Fire Empire, but she wasn't the same. It was hard to take down the wall that she had built up to keep her alive, but she was trying, and she would keep trying until she was complete again.


--Aemilia went by the name Hira while captured, and only told a select few cats that her name was Aemie.

--Aemilia has a kink at the end of her tail. Probably the result of her premature and dangerous birth.
--Aemilia is a really good swimmer.
--Aemilia will do anything to survive. She agrees with the Cold Order and doesn't see why anyone would disagree.



---Melanistic Tiger
---Coliseum Fighter

---Barbary Lion
---Bounty Hunter

---Shadow Empire Gladiator

---Ice Empire Apprentice

Other Family
---Barbary Lion
---Fire Empire Gladiator


None yet


Coming Soon



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