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these lamebutts

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about me a little

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United States
19 years old (dA is wrong.)

My name's Peyton and I'm actually really obsessed with big cats, the color orange, pretty indie video games, and movie soundtracks. Feel free to call me Peyton, Stan, Stone, or whatever other nicknames you may have for me!

Photoshop Stamp by mushir


Owl-Flight and I have the same brain.



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TRD - Mourey, the Counsel by Staniqs
TRD - Mourey, the Counsel


Olum Advisor

Name Mourey

Rank Advisor

Gender Male

Species Snow Leopard

Orientation Heterosexual - Aromantic

Current - 4 years
Starting - 4 years

Build/Body Size of a typical snow leopard, possibly a bit smaller. He has a long tail, thick, short legs, and a small head/face. Body built for jumping and climbing.

Dominant - brownish coat [AA], short legs [AA], long tail [AA], short fangs [Aa], pink/red nose [Aa], green eyes [Aa]
Recessive - randomly-sized spots, smallish paws, dark undereyes
Carrier - long fangs, black/grey nose, blue eyes

Skills Mourey is not particularly skilled in anything specific, but there is not anything he is significantly bad at, either. He believes a wide range of skills are more important than one perfected one.

Song ??

Personality, Biography, History

|| Obedient and Respectful || "Yes, ma'am."
-- Mourey does anything a female tells him to do (unless, of course, it defies Lene in any sort of way). You will never catch him disobeying orders.

|| Attentive and Perceptive || "Quiet, I'm trying to listen."
-- Mourey hangs onto words like a lifesource. When others are speaking, it is the only thing in the world that matters.

|| Curt and Gruff || "No."
-- Although he enjoys listening to others, he doesn't much like using his own words a lot. In his mind, his words are worthless. This isn't a result of any sort of insecurity, but instead his belief that his opinions and voice as a male feline are about as powerful as the small breeze you feel when a bird flies too close.

|| Loyal and Trustworthy || "Anything for you, Lene."
-- Undoubtedly loyal, Mourey will do anything for the betterment of the Olum. His devotion is obsessive and, sometimes, creepy.

|| Nostalgic and Sentimental || "I miss Homeland. A lot."
-- Unfortunately, Mourey can get painfully attached. Homeland, his mother, Noah...even Ariadna. Things that he has lost in his life he puts up on a pedestal, and it often hurts emotionally to see things that remind him of his past.

|| Religious and Faithful || "May Vaska bless your journey to Homeland."
-- You will never catch Mourey's faith in his goddess-like mother faltering. He wholeheartedly believes that Vaska sent the Olum on a great journey to save them, and everything they do is because of some great plan that their ancestors have in store for them.

|| Violent and Savage || "I dare you to challenge me. I will rip your heart out of your chest and feed it to the maggots."
-- Anyone who does not comply with the Olum rules is garbage and he will kill them. These...disgusting Ferox are mere vermin. Something to be exterminated to make way for the great and powerful Olum to once again thrive.

|| Cocky and Boastful || "Oh, this scar? That's just a little thing from a Homeland bear. No big deal."
-- Seemingly unlike the rest of his personality, Mourey loves to show off. Almost everything. His scars, his success stories fighting humans and Homeland bears, his tail collection...he will boast it up. But only around males. He has nothing to boast about around females. Nothing. They are too powerful.

Mourey is the Advisor of the Olum, but only because of his relationship with the Matriarch. He believes his only reason for existing is to serve Lene, and nothing else. He would do anything for her, and listen to anything she said as if it was coming from a god. He has a few friends in the Olum, but typically does not like to get close to anyone for fear that his devotion towards Lene would start to waver with too many distractions. He is the son of the Last Matriarch, Vaska, and worships his mother as a goddess, just like the rest of the Olum. He values tradition and respect above anything else.

Mourey was born in a litter of two; him, and his larger, stronger sister, Lene. Their mother was the Matriarch of the Olum. From birth, Lene was expected to one day step up and accept the role of Matriarch, and Mourey was to become her advisor. Lene and Mourey trained closely under their mother, Vaska, who was stern but always loving towards them. Vaska loved all of the Olum, and brought the Olum to their peak of power. But her ways were unconventional, at best, and unforgiving, at worst. Vaska trained with Lene and Mourey, but typically put more focus and pressure on her daughter because of who she was going to grow up to be. And her brutal ways seemed to rub off on Lene. Sometimes, they would go hunting, and Lene would purposely leave the animal alive, hanging on right before death, screaming and whining in pain until it finally passed. Mourey never said anything in protest; after all, he was just a male. He would just silently watch beside her. As they grew, she began to kill other things, such as other cats, and eventually humans. It seemed as if Mourey’s entire life was lived unnoticed in the shadow of Lene. But despite how heartless and sadistic Lene seemed to be growing up to be, he never doubted her as a leader, or her views. Mourey loved both Lene and Vaska wholeheartedly; and when their views and leadership techniques began to divulge from each other, Mourey was left lost. Who should he support? His experienced mother, or his best friend and only companion? But one day, after Vaska took Lene out for a hunt, everything changed. Lene was changed, physically, and mentally. She didn’t speak to Mourey for days, which was hurtful to the snow leopard. But after that, Lene was never the same, and Mourey did not know if it was for better or for worse. Nor did he care. He felt her changing was somehow his fault, as if he wasn’t there for her as much as he should have been. So he made a vow to never doubt her, and never leave her side.

Just before Mourey turned two, he became a father to a son named Noah. His mother, Mourey’s mate, was Ariadna, whom Mourey felt more of an obligation towards than actual love. He knew Ariadna felt differently, but…he still only really cared for Lene and Vaska. And now, Noah, who he began to devote part of his life to. Again, his attention and devotion towards Lene began to falter as he spent time training and preparing Noah for the life he was going to lead; a life serving the Olum.

Winters in Homeland were typically harsh with little prey, but this one in particular wreaked havoc on the Olum. Snow towered higher and higher nearly every other day, and the cold winds that whipped through the mountains made the drifts that much worse. It was frequent to wake up in the morning with a fewer number of cats than who fell asleep. The cold was never not present; Mourey can recall feeling it in his bones, infiltrating his lungs, making his spine ache. He had thought, many times, he was going to lose his toes, or his ears, or he wouldn’t wake up in the morning. The cold almost made his hunger and weakness ignorable…but just almost.  The winter was long, and while the Olum survived living off of what little prey they could find, their loss was catastrophic. Not only did they drop drastically in numbers, but they also lost the most important cat in their ranks; including the Matriarch herself. And, more importantly to Lene and Mourey, they lost their mother. And Mourey lost someone he never imagined having to bury; Noah. Mourey took Noah and Lene’s deaths as a sign from the ancestors; his life was meant to serve Lene, and only Lene. Every time he began to falter from his purpose, bad things happened. He would not let it happen again. So he cut his ties with Ariadna and accepted his new role.

Lene took up the position of Matriarch, which meant that Mourey was the new Advisor. For a year, the remainder of the Olum struggled to survive on what little life the land had left for them. The humans that didn’t flee the land were sparse and spread far apart, and it was obvious that if they continued to hunt them, they would soon lose all of their food sources. Lene decided there was only one thing they could do; leave Homeland in hopes to find a new place to live. While many Oluman disagreed and questioned Lene, Mourey never once doubted his sister’s decision, and even went so far as to encourage her choice. He punished the males who dared speak against Lene, and did his best to influence the females.

As they began their journey, Lene gave birth to a daughter named Vin, who was treated like royalty. Which, in a way, she was. But her clear privilege over the rest of the Olum did not sit well with some cats, including Vin’s father, whom Mourey had never been fond of. So one day, Lene decided to make a spectacle of Vin’s father, using him as an example of what would happen to cats who crossed her. His throat stained the last bit of snow they would see for a while scarlet.

For the next year, they traveled southward. They lost sight of the lights in the sky, of the mountains that towered high above the clouds. They slowly lost Homeland. And many cats lost faith in Lene as they struggled to find an ideal place to settle. But she never faltered in her strength, and she shot down any sort of rebellious acts seemingly before they could even begin. After a year of challengers and struggles, the Olum stumbled upon a place called Rome, unbeknownst to them. The Olum set up a new camp in the northern edges of what was known as Solus territory, and began to explore their possible new home. After discovering large groups of felines residing in the near area, Lene decided the territories were survivable and ideal for them. But it wouldn’t be easy. They would have to clear many obstacles; starting with the cats who knew themselves as Ferox.


-- Mourey collects tails of animals he hunts! Every tail he himself has collected from prey, save for the arctic fox, who was hunted by Noah, and the bear, who was hunted by Mishka, who was only really interested in the bear's bones, and allowed Mourey to keep the tail.

-- Mourey is big on tradition, and is probably the closest thing the Olum have to a priest or pastor. It is uncommon for a day to go by without Mourey making some sort of comment about their ancestors, or saying a quick prayer under his breath. Religion and faith is important to him.

-- Mourey misses Homeland and talks about it with Luka frequently. But at the same time, he believes Lene did the right thing when evacuating their old home, and believes she will lead them to success in this new land.

-- Mourey does not fear Olum females, but definitely sees them as on a higher tier of power than himself, despite being the Matriarch's Advisor. He would never disregard or disobey a female's direct orders. Obedience is just something that has always been, and never will change.

Skills and Weaknesses
-- Mourey's greatest strengths come out when he is in rocky territory, which is why he likes to stick to the mountains. He can use the land around him to his greatest advantage, and is unnaturally good at jumping from cliff to cliff quickly to confuse his enemy. Flat land scares him, and he has yet to experience forests like the ones the Ferox reside in. He will probably be a pretty decent fighter in the city, however, due to the abundance of edges and roofs for him to jump on.

-- Mourey isn't a fan of using his words. He'd rather be the brute force of a mission, and leaves the talking up to his sister. He's that creepy shadow in the corner, green eyes glowing, regardless of the situation.

-- The loss of fellow Olum is the greatest pain Mourey will ever feel. Unless Lene is the one to order someone's death, every Olum life that passes is like a personal blow to Mourey's conscience. He feels a great need to protect and serve the Olum, and if he feels as if he's failed, he will seclude himself for at least a day to cope with it.

Mentors, Apprentices, and Partners
The Last Matriarch [Mentor] - Mourey and Lene were both trained under Vaska, their mother. Although Vaska put more attention towards Lene's training and development, Mourey had always been a good learner, and learned a lot just by watching and listening.

Vaska [Mother; Olum Matriarch, "The Last Matriarch", Deceased]
Unknown [Father; Deceased?]

Lene [Sister; Olum Matriarch, Alive]

Ariadna [Ex-mate; Oluman, Alive]

Noah [Son; Oluman, Deceased]

Extended Family
Vin [Niece; Oluman, Alive]


Bullet; Purple blood family
Bullet; Green likes
Bullet; Green Bullet; Green friend
Bullet; Green Bullet; Green Bullet; Green best friend
Bullet; Yellow respect
Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Yellow idol
Bullet; Pink crush
Bullet; Pink Bullet; Pink romance
Bullet; Blue unsure
Bullet; Black discomfort
Bullet; Black Bullet; Black hates
Bullet; Black Bullet; Black Bullet; Black wants dead
:bulletorange: regret
Bullet; Red fear
Rose mate
jsenn the beloved ex-mate
Death dead

Olum -- "The all-powerful Olum will thrive once more."

:bulletpurple:|:bulletyellow: Lene - Mourey would do anything and everything for Lene. His feelings for her are somewhat like love, but deeper. Devotion, dedication, and obligation are just a few of the emotions Mourey feels when around his sister.

:bulletblack:|:bulletyellow:|jsenn the beloved Ariadna - Ariadna is Mourey's ex-mate, and he is eternally unsure what to do around her. He had a child with her moreso out of obligation than anything else, but when Noah died, Mourey avoided Ariadna at all costs. She never expressed anger or frustration with him, and always has stayed by his side for support. Mourey is still not quite certain what to make of it.

Death|:bulletpurple:|:bulletyellow::bulletyellow: Vaska - Mourey's mother, and the Last Matriarch. He worships her like a goddess, and when she was alive, respected her more than he respected anyone else, save for Lene. He misses her dearly, as a mother as well as a Matriarch.

Death|:bulletpurple:|:bulletorange: Noah - Mourey's son who died in the same fateful winter where they lost Vaska. Mourey loved his son and was devastated by his death. He does not like talking about Noah or even really thinking about him, but keeps an arctic fox tail (which Noah had hunted down and killed) in remembrance of him.

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:|:bulletyellow: Luka - If Mourey can feel respect towards any male, it would be Luka. Luka had been in the Olum since before Mourey was born, and good friends with he and Lene's mother, which meant he spent a lot of time around Mourey and Lene as they grew up. Now that Mourey is an adult, he and Luka are closer than ever, and are seen together regularly. Mourey sees Luka as an older brother, or possibly an uncle. In any case, Luka is a constant in Mourey's life, which is what he needs.

Ferox -- "Disgustingly soft cats. Once we find out more about them, I cannot wait to crush them."

Solus -- "We ran across many of these Solus when we were living in Homeland. They never lived long after we ran across them, though."

Bounty Hunters -- ?? Mourey and the Olum do not yet know the Hunters exist.

Roleplay Example
Mourey watched as Ronin and her patrol climbed back up the mountain side. They had been sent to finally interact with these...settlers. These other felines. Another Olum, but weaker and less organized. Less likely to survive. They didn't even feed on the most reliable food source available to them; humans! What an absolute waste of flourishing and valuable hunting ground. But...Mourey couldn't help but think maybe these cats had something else they were aiming to accomplish. Another task. Another reason. If they weren't hunting humans, why would they stay here? In the shadow of a clearly bright and powerful human village? And the odd things some of them wore around...they weren't made by the paws of cats. They were constructed by humans, specifically for feline bodies. Could...could these felines be pets? Maybe even protectors?

Well...he was sure they'd find out soon enough. Once Ronin and the rest reached their small, makeshift mountain camp, they'd have a much better idea of what they were up against. So far, all of the loners they'd captured had done nothing but fight back at them. All they had to do was give Lene a little bit of information about the human city and they could be on their way, but now, there was just a pile of feline corpses growing at the bottom of a cliff a ways across the mountainside.

"Who do you think they are?" a voice asked from behind him.

The snow leopard Advisor turned his head to see a massive golden cave lion approaching him. Mourey shrugged. "I don't know, Luka," he sighed. "But the way they're positioned, the way they have their territory set makes me think they might be actually guarding the humans, or something."

Luka didn't say anything for a while. He sat next to his friend, watching Ronin get closer and closer. They sat in silence for a moment before Luka suddenly asked, "Do you ever think of Homeland?"

"Everyday since we left." There wasn't a pause or hesitation in Mourey's voice. He didn't even have to think about it.

"I just want to go home, Mourey."

The snow leopard only sighed sadly in response. He knew. He knew that this place would never replace Homeland. This...horrid place that lacked snow and the bright, colorful lights that covered the northern sky. He knew they all missed Vaska. They missed the forests and mountains that seemed to stretch for ages. They missed their old life.

But that was gone. There was nothing to go back to. Lene had made the right choice. Lene was going to lead them to victory, and prosperity, and a new life with a new home.

"We are home now, Luka."

“Sorry.” Kinza was taking the splint off of Aemie’s leg and had accidently bumped the liger’s ribcage, which was still bruised. “Hopefully by next week, that’ll be feeling better.”

“Thank you, Kinza,” Aemilia said quietly. Or, in her case, normally. Everything Aemie said was quiet. “I don’t know what I would do if I missed this attack.”

The jaguar smiled. “You’ll be good to go by then if it’s the last thing I do,” she assured her.

Aemie smiled and nodded. She and Kinza had been friends, along with Aster, when they were apprentices and before Aemie had been captured. Now, all three of them were high-ranked Gladiators of Fire Empire (except Aster, who was still considered an apprentice), and that meant they didn’t much get to see each other. Plus, it was weird. Aemie felt almost…guilty for leaving them behind. Not that she had chosen to, but…well, she sort of had chosen to. She had been reckless, storming right up to the city gates, demanding to see the Bounty Hunter she knew as her father. And she had left her friends in the dust. Not being much for words, Aemie still had to find the time (and will) to apologize to both Kinza and Aster. Speaking of whom was standing in the entrance to the Healer’s den.

The Blacksmith apprentice chuckled. “Pray it isn’t the last,” Aster said. “We don’t want our Healers dropping as well as our Gladiators.”

“We’ll keep the casualties to a minimum,” Mirum said, who was sitting off to the side, waiting for Aemie to finish up so they could eat dinner together. “Besides, the Healers’ll be kept far away from the fight so they don’t have to worry about Hunters breathing down their necks while they’re, you know, healing.”

“There,” Kinza said, taking the last bit of wrapping off Aemie’s leg. “You should be good to walk on your own now. No pain, right?”

Aemie rose, towering above the rest of the cats, bending her neck down to avoid the top of the den. She leaned down on her bad leg; only a little soreness, probably from the tight wrapping. “Nothing.”

Kinza smiled. “Great. Out of my den. I’ve got an apprentice with a cold back there and you lot shouldn’t be catching anything at this time.”

“Thank you again, Kinza,” Aemilia said, walking out ahead of Aster and Mirum.

“You’re the best,” Mirum added, following Aemie out.

“Aster, would you like to join us for dinner?” the liger asked the Blacksmith.

“I’ll grab something small,” Aster replied, following the two Assassins out into camp.

As they walked around Skycaller’s Rock, Mirum chuckled, nudging Aemie’s hip and nodding up the cliff where Aemie had fallen. “Hey Aemie, what’dya say when those ribs of yours are healed up you have another take, huh? Just you versus the cliff? Maybe see if you can land on your feet this time?”

“Hell no.”

Aster snorted, clearly trying to hold in a burst of laughter. Aemie chuckled, but gave the cliff a nervous glance. Heights were one of Aemie’s newest, freshest fears.

“New guy,” Mirum suddenly muttered under her breath.

And, yeah, she was right. A clearly exhausted leopard walked into the camp, eagerly glancing around, trying to find a familiar face. His mane was sloppy, clearly the sign of a sweaty day.

“Andro sure ran him for what he’s worth, didn’t she?” Aemie said, watching as the leopard Laertes approached him, chuckling at his clear surprise at how the day went.

“Shadow Empire,” Mirum said in surprise. “I thought we’d gotten Evander’s whole lot back when we started.”

Aemie shrugged. “Late bloomer.”

“Poor guy,” Aster added quietly. Aemie frowned. She hadn’t really ever considered the Assassins to be unfortunate. All that brutal training…it was all to protect the Empires. They were suffering to save everyone else. It wasn’t something they needed pity for, was it?

Aemie sped up, taking the front, going straight towards the new Shadow leopard. He noticed her coming—it was hard not to—and the instant initial fear and shock that most cats felt when the massive liger approached them was clearly etched on his face. Probably a bit involuntarily, he took a step backwards from her.

“Hey,” was all she said.


“Aemilia, your charming demeanor is as apparent and obvious as always,” Laertes commented. Mirum snorted a laugh from behind her. Aemie ignored him. He was always sort of bitter and snarky towards cats; she didn’t much care for him. But he did what Andromeda said, and was clearly undoubtedly loyal to the cause…clearly. From what she’d heard, he’d been the one to hatch this master plan. The idea of uniting the Empires was his own. But that didn’t mean she had to like him.

“I’m Aemilia,” she told the leopard.

“I-I’m Kostenlos.”

“Kostenlos,” she repeated methodically. Her voice was monotone, as usual. She nodded once. “Welcome to Fire.”

Kostenlos held eye contact with her for a moment longer before glancing around uncomfortably, confusion etched on his face. Probably wondering if she was going to say anything else.

Awkwardly, she cleared her throat and continued, “Glad you’re on the Squad. See you in training tomorrow.”

As they walked away, Aemie ignored Kostenlos’s bewildered expression, Laertes’s eye roll, and Mirum choking back her laughter.

“Aemie,” the lioness said. “If Andromeda didn’t already scare that boy away, you might’ve! How welcoming!”

“Shut up,” Aemilia replied, and made a quick vow to find some time during Assassin training to give Mirum a few bruises tomorrow.
TRD - Faeles, the Thief by Staniqs
TRD - Faeles, the Thief

General Identification

Name Faeles [FAY-laze] (nicknames; Fae, Fael)

Species Borneo Clouded Leopard - Ocelot

Rank Ferox Gatherer

Age Current; 2 years (Starting; 2 years)

Gender Female

Orientation Bisexual - Biromantic

Specialty Stealth, agility, endurance

Build/Body Faeles has short legs and a long body. Her paws are proportionally large, but covered in a lot of fur, which keeps her steps quiet. She has a long tail, and the fur along her spine and forehead sticks straight up. She is built for powerful bounds and leaps, silence, dexterity, and durability. She lacks strength and speed.

Dominant; Dark pelt (AA), short legs (AA), green eyes (Aa), large spots (Aa), large paws (Aa)
Recessive; Thick-furred tail, standing spinal fur, small muzzle, barred legs, white-tipped tail
Carrier; Amber eyes, ocelot-spots, small paws

Biography, Personality, & History

|| Focused and Ambitious || "Leave me alone for, like, the rest of the day."

|| Handy and Innovative || "I can probably figure out how to fix that armor."

|| Snappish and Defensive || "Gods, I guess I can't do ANYTHING right around here, can I??"

|| Elitist and Entitled || "Pfff...Damn Falcons think they know EVERYTHING."

|| Emotional and Empathic || "I'm sorry. I wish I could do more to help."

|| Protective and Loyal || "If you so much as LOOK at her wrong, I will leave your corpse out for the vultures."

|| Talkative and Confident || "Hey, how are ya? Haven't seen you around in a few days, what have you been up to?"

|| Reckless and Optimistic || "Meh, this is probably an okay plan. We'll see."

|| Social and Eccentric || "'Oi! What's yer name? Haven't seen you around here before."

|| Honest and Straight Forward || "I'm not gunna lie...that armor looks ridiculous on you."




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